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Do we embrace the Promises of God?

Let's be reminded about the Promises of God that we've thought about in recent weeks at LRCC.

Remember from Hebrews c11 v17, that 'Abraham embraced the promises of God.'

1. God promises to forgive our sins. ( 1 John c1 v9 & Psalm 32 v1-2 & Psalm 103 v11-12 & Micah c7 v18-19 )

2. God promises never to forsake us. ( Matthew c28 v18-20 & Joshua c1 v5-9 )

3. God promises us a home in heaven. ( John c14 v1-3 & 1 John c2 v24-25 & Hebrews c11 v16 )

These promises are for those who believe in Jesus, and have asked Him to become their Friend and Lord and Saviour. That's Christians.

Ask yourself, is Jesus my Friend and my Lord and my Saviour?

If not, you can't really claim these promises, until you become a Christian.

Now why is Jesus so special? Why are His promises so important? Well, one reason is because He is the greatest person in history. Heroes come and go, ( watch the attached video in a minute ) but Jesus is eternal, everlasting. Jesus is of course God, and He is ALIVE.

This is what King David said about Jesus 3000 years ago.
Psalm 145 v13  Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The LORD is trustworthy in all His promises and faithful in all He does.

( Read the whole of Psalm 145, it is wonderful. )

We can trust in Jesus to keep His promises, because there is no one more powerful or kind or faithful or trustworthy than Him. Every person in every generation as the opportunity to trust in Jesus. I hope you've asked Jesus to be your Friend and your Lord and your Saviour, then His promises will be true for you, and you will be able to embrace them.  AMEN

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